Aglivier universe

The Twin Keys Trilogy – 3 novels, in development
Bloodline – novel, in development

Clockwire universe

demonic Sherlock Holmes – short story collection, in development
“Hecheto Welo (It Is Done Well)” – novella, in edits

Wounded Sea universe

post-tech China trilogy – 3 novels, in development
Taiwan heart of darkness – novella, in development

Necromantica universe

Necromurrine – novella, in edits
Dragondeath Trilogy – 3 novels, in development


fairy child, fairy city – novella, in development
“Heart of Stone” – short story, writing
“Mother Mine” – short story, writing
“Philomancer” – short story, writing
Icarus – novel, in edits


Desrian’s Orbit universe

mining station space opera series – X novels, in development


In the Drift (working title) – short story collection, writing
untitled YA tech-head novel – writing
The Hearts of Him (working title, broken generation ship) – novella, writing
three sisters fairy tale – novel, in development
intergenerational intergalactic war – short story, writing


Grief-Stage – novel, in development
mythological stalker (w/Bikram Cheema) – screenplay, in progress
fairy horror – screenplay, in development
“Hell Is a Silence in the Country of the Dead” – short story, in edits


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