this deer is definitely a horse

mectanite (n.) – a fictitious metal/mineral/alloy either mined from a fictitious satellite or forged by a fictitious alien culture, good for an unknown fictitious purpose.

Primary use: a cooler-sounding alternative to unobtanium.


category created

New category created for long-term project notes. Compile all tidbits from journals for easier access.

hard deadlines

11 May 2013: finish rewriting, editing, and proofreading Icarus.

12 May 2013: start deciding on my next big project.

31 May 2013: finish writing two of the following: Murrine, The Law of Accelerated Decay, Hecheto Welo (It Is Done Well), or the nameless demonic possession short story.

1 June 2013: begin my next big project.

What with work and extracurricular activities (read: boyfriend), I wonder if this deadline is too optimistic. I’m averaging two hours a day on writing, but that time can easily get pushed aside for other things, like sleep.