[myths of old kathir] birth of the gods

In the beginning, the universe was held within three eggs that Yset Adada kept inside her mouth. Her husband, the crow-god Raknir, tried to steal them from her, but she swallowed them to keep them from him, so he cut open her stomach and took them out. The eggs were wet with Yset Adada’s blood though. They slipped out of his hand and cracked open, and the three realms of the universe spilled out.

Yset Adada gathered up the broken eggshells and sewed them together into one egg. Inside the egg, she placed both her blood and the blood of her husband, which grew into the triplets Astenath, Wyleth, and Sdet. Astenath and Wyleth immediately fell in love with each other, leaving Sdet, who also loved Wyleth, alone and bitter.

Sdet waited Astenath and Wyleth had consummated their marriage, then crept into their bed, where he cut his arm and poured his blood into the sleeping Wyleth’s mouth. Wyleth grew pregnant from his blood, and when she gave birth, two races sprang from her womb: the Aelim, divine children of Astenath; and Sederim, demon children of Sdet.

When Wyleth saw what she had birthed, she retreated to the second realm, refusing her husband’s presence until he destroyed Sdet. Enraged at his brother, Astenath fought with Sdet and would have killed him, but Sdet fled with his children into the third realm and claimed it as his own. To keep her children from murdering each other, Yset Adada bound Astenath and his children to the first realm so that he could never leave.

This creation myth is the first in a tentative fantasy world mythology of Old Kathir. The plan is to add more myths and stories along the way until I have a decently fleshed out mythology in place. I don’t have any plans for it as yet, but you never know when a nice polytheistic pantheon is going to come in handy.