i sell bottled death as a side hobby

After being shelved for over a year, I took the opportunity last week to dust off an old novella I’d been working on and tinker with it a bit. And surprise, surprise, I finished it! This round’s on me, boys!

It’s still a first draft and very rough, but it’s clean enough and (key word) complete enough for me to move it from my Unfinished & Partial folder to my very new and very newly filled Novellas folder (hurrah for my first novella ever!), and then promptly print out a paper version and make sure my red pens are filled with lots and lots of fresh ink.

Because it’s gonna be a bloodbath in here.

Oh, right. The novella itself is called Necromurrine, about a necromancer-turned-glassmith suffering from PTSD due to a war he largely started and hiding from the ghosts of a vengeful past. With pet dragons!