About Me

I don’t really do the whole social media thing. Or the whole marketing thing. Or the whole self-branding thing. Which is rather awful for someone who wants to be a published author, but I appear to have an allergic reaction to packaging myself into a shiny carton.

I’m a writer who dabbles mostly in science fiction and fantasy, though I stray now and then into general fiction, magical realism, horror, and poetry. I like weird, I like fantastic, I like blends of magic and nanotechnology. I like stories that gleefully chop up everyday life and rearrange it into abstract, pointillistic trees with blinking eyes and butterfly leaves.

I also love video games, which strays over into writing for video games as well.

This blog is more for me than for you. It’s mostly little snippets of flash fiction or poetry mostly, scrabbed off in less than fifteen minutes. I don’t edit, I don’t rethink, I throw things out and let them be. It’s my way of venting (and inventing) without having to agonize in the process.




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