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About Me

Angelus Nix

Hello, world!

I’m a writer who dabbles mostly in science fiction and fantasy, though I stray now and then into general fiction, magical realism, horror, and poetry. I like weird, I like fantastic, I like blends of magic and nanotechnology. I like stories that gleefully chop up everyday life and rearrange it into abstract, pointillistic trees with blinking eyes and butterfly leaves.

I also manage to be interested in just about everything possible, all the way from dressmaking to shooting someone in the head with a sniper rifle. The inexhaustive list goes:

  • Space travel
  • Masks, both functional and decorative
  • Millinery/dressmaking
  • Guns, swords, and weaponry in general
  • Norse mythology
  • Totally impractical but cool-looking architecture
  • Steampunk
  • Piloting an airplane
  • Fiction and poetry
  • Programming languages
  • Foreign languages
  • History of Europe and Asia
  • Big cities
  • Playing piano, or at least attempting to
  • World history of mining

As for this blog: little snippets of flash fiction or poetry mostly, scrabbed off in less than fifteen minutes. I don’t edit, I don’t rethink, I throw things out and let them be. Once in a while I will actually find something interesting about my life to post up, but it not a very frequent event. I think I have about two regular readers for this blog, my sister and my boyfriend, so I’m very lax about content. Most of it just flies off the top of my head like, well, flies disturbed from a rotting carcass. Lovely mental image, ne?



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