clarion west write-a-thon week 4 report

Short story: “Beneath Stone Tides”

Word count: 1,856

Status: Complete!

The good: Urban exploration. And treasure (that may or may not be pirate booty).

The bad: Greeeeed.

The resigned: This week’s story was sparse. Very sparse. It definitely needs to put more meat on its bones. But it has a coherent start, middle, and end, so it still counts.

Coming up next: Betrayal, revenge, the whole nine yards.


The man was called Trevor. He worked as a surveyor for the local Authority’s office with one of the girls, Madeleine, who was responsible for liaising with the quadrant office. Jess was her roommate. She worked as a bioengineer for a local concern. Like everyone else in Purple Dot, they were slick with high fashion and flaunting the latest in bio-integrated tech in not-so-discreet-you-won’t-notice hints of chrome and stainless steel round their eyes and ears. Jess’s was the most extreme, elongated silver darts that wrapped from the corners of her eyes to the curve of her ear and flashed with neon lights depending on her mood. She’d even shaved around her ears to make them more noticeable.


Clarion West is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing some of the best speculative fiction workshops in the galaxy. It’s run by volunteers and a small, hardworking paid staff, and it depends on the support of the community.

My goal is to finish a rough draft of one short story per week for In the Drift, a sci-fi collection that follows the adventures of Joseph Talleyrand Arch, a traveler among worlds in the wake of humanity’s First Expansion into the stars.

As always, I hope you’ll consider supporting me this summer. It’s not just about giving money to sustain an amazing workshop, but also about helping sustain my writing spirit.

I hope you’ll sponsor me and help support my goals and the Clarion West workshop. A sponsorship in any amount helps, as does helping spread the word to friends, family, and coworkers.


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