clarion west write-a-thon week 3 report

Short story: “The Hounds of Stony Mayhill” (formerly “The Emperor’s New Dogs”)

Word count: 2,890 (5,604 total)

Status: Complete!

The good: Cybernetic space wolves…getting revenge.

The bad: Arrogant barons.

The resigned: There are definitely parts that will need to be fleshed out and edited to make a cohesive story.

Coming up next: ANOTHER NEW STORY! Yesss. I’m torn between the Fountain of Youth and good old-fashioned arguments over Who Gets the Gold.


Oh run, my lord, as fast you can

And carry nothing in your hand

For crimes come paid and murders solved

When strikes the hour of the wolves


Clarion West is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing some of the best speculative fiction workshops in the galaxy. It’s run by volunteers and a small, hardworking paid staff, and it depends on the support of the community.

My goal is to finish a rough draft of one short story per week for In the Drift, a sci-fi collection that follows the adventures of Joseph Talleyrand Arch, a traveler among worlds in the wake of humanity’s First Expansion into the stars.

As always, I hope you’ll consider supporting me this summer. It’s not just about giving money to sustain an amazing workshop, but also about helping sustain my writing spirit.

I hope you’ll sponsor me and help support my goals and the Clarion West workshop. A sponsorship in any amount helps, as does helping spread the word to friends, family, and coworkers.


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